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Appetizers & Sides

Stuffed Mushrooms – Seasoned and stuffed caps, topped with cheeses.  6.95

Chicken Wings – Baked in a hot, spicy sauce.  Served with celery and bleu cheese. 6.95

Chicken Fingers – Tender and breaded chicken.  Served with barbecue sauce.  7.95

Nachos – Crisp tortilla chips smothered with chili & cheese, then baked.  Topped with salsa, jalapenos, sliced black olives and scallions.  Garnished with guacamole & sour cream.  8.50/9.95

Vegetarian Nachos – Our famous nachos with vegetarian topping of beans & vegetables.  8.50/9.95

Fried Calamari - Deep-fried & served with spicy marinara sauce.  8.95

Onion Straws – Crisply fried & served with horseradish sauce.  5.95

English Chips – Thick cut steak fries served with malt vinegar.  4.25

Sun Sticks – Lightly seasoned and crisply fried sweet potatoes with horseradish sauce.  5.95

Extra Guacamole – 1.50

Extra Salsa  or Sour Cream – 1.00

Quesadilla Corner

Cheese Quesadilla – Flour tortilla baked with cheeses.  Salsa & sour cream on the side. 6.95

Spinach & Mushroom Quesadilla – Spinach, mushrooms, Monterey Jack & cheddar cheeses baked in a flour tortilla.  Salsa & sour cream on the side.  7.95

Pesto & Sun-dried Tomato Quesadilla – Basil pesto & sun-dried tomatoes & spinach with Monterey Jack & cheddar cheeses in a flour tortillas.  Salsa & sour cream on the side.  7.95

Any Quesadilla with Chicken – Add 2.50


French Onion – Hearty onion soup with croutons and melted Swiss cheese.  3.00/4.00

Soup du Jour – Homemade, fresh & delicious.  2.75/3.75


Greek Salad - A bed of fresh greens along with an array of fresh vegetables,  feta cheese & Greek black olives.  Served with house dressing and garlic bread.  9.95

Eggs Nest House – An array of fresh salad greens tossed w/our homemade dressing.  Garnished with fresh vegetables & croutons.  5.00/6.75

Grilled Chicken Salad – Tender chicken breast marinated, grilled & sliced, placed atop our “Nest” salad.  Garlic bread on the side along with house dressing.  9.95

Crumbled Bleu Cheese – Additional 1.25  ~   Anchovies – Additional  1.00  ~  Feta Cheese  - Additional  1.00

 Eggs Nest “Famous Burgers”

The Classic Burger – 8 oz. Hamburger served on a roll with lettuce & tomato. English chips, coleslaw & pickles accompany.  8.95

All Natural Veggie Burger – Oven-heated & served on a toasted whole wheat bun & served with roasted red pepper mayo.  Served with salad & house rice.  8.95

Grilled Chicken Burger – Marinated, grilled chicken breast.  Served on a warmed roll with lettuce, tomato, cranberry mayonnaise & house salad.  8.95 

Deli Selection

All deli sandwiches served on whole wheat, rye, or hard roll accompanied by
coleslaw, chips & pickles.  7.50
Corned Beef  ~  Ham  ~  Turkey  ~ Tuna Salad  ~  Roast Beef 

Swiss, Provolone, American Cheese – Add additional .50

Children’s Menu

(for children 12 & under, only)

Child’s Burger – 4 oz. Hamburger served with English chips.  6.95

Grilled Cheese –  On rye or whole wheat. – Choice of American, Provolone or Swiss cheese.  Served with English chips.  6.95

Child’s Pasta – Penne Pasta with marinara sauce or butter.  Accompanied by garlic bread.  6.95

Chicken Fingers – Tender and breaded chicken.  Served with English chips.  6.95

Eggs Nest Delights

Rice & Vegetable Enchilada - Brown rice, diced red onion, jalapenos, black beans, corn kernels & roasted red peppers mixed with ricotta, feta cheese and sour cream.  Baked in a flour tortilla shell along with fresh spinach & salsa.  Topped with black bean sauce & Monterey Jack cheese.  Served with fresh greens & corn bread.  Salsa & sour cream on the side.  12.95

Pesto Beef Roll – A flour tortilla shell is spread with pesto and ricotta cheese, then topped with thinly sliced beef, provolone cheese, red onions, fresh spinach and roasted red peppers.  Rolled and baked, then served pinwheel fashion with a side of hoison mayonnaise.  Served with house rice atop a bed of greens.  12.95

Spicy Chicken Arizona - Half a crispy flour tortilla shell spread with spicy tomato salsa, then topped with sliced chicken breast and mixed cheeses. Baked & garnished with a dab of sour cream & a sprinkle of scallions Accompanied by house salad and homemade bread.  12.95

Eggplant Arizona   - Olive Tapenade is thinly spread over half a tortilla, topped with eggplant, fresh spinach, tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese and baked.  Served with house salad and a side of tomato sauce.  12.95

Kaiser Roll-Up  – Tasty corned beef layered in a wrap with horseradish sauce, provolone, roasted red peppers and fresh spinach.  Baked and served with house salad and a side of horseradish sauce.  12.95


Chili Pepper & Tomato Chicken – A light tomato sauce combined with spicy chili peppers and sautéed chicken is tossed with pasta du jour.  13.95

Garden Vegetable Pasta – Seasonal fresh vegetables sautéed in olive oil, garlic & herbs, along with sun-dried tomatoes and tossed with pasta du jour.  13.95

Cheese Ravioli – Our home made tomato sauce is tossed with delicious cheese ravioli. Topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese.  13.95

Eggs Nest Specialties

Reuben – Lean corned beef, Swiss & sauerkraut with Russian dressing.  Grilled on rye. Served Egg’s Nest style with cole slaw, pickles & chips.  10.95

Tempeh Reuben – Oven-heated five grain tempeh, sauerkraut & Swiss cheese placed inside grilled rye bread and spread with hoison mayo.  Served with coleslaw, pickles & tortilla chips.  10.95

Monte Cristo - Turkey, ham & Swiss with Russian dressing on grilled egg-battered whole wheat.  Served with fruit, lightly dusted with powdered sugar & a side of maple syrup.  10.95

The Thanksgiving – #1 selling meal – Thinly sliced turkey breast, apple/walnut stuffing and provolone cheese grilled on egg-battered whole wheat bread.  Served with salad, honey-mustard gravy & cranberry sauce.  10.95

English Fish & Chips - Batter-fried fish fillets with English chips.  Served in a basket with coleslaw, tartar sauce & home made bread.  Malt vinegar on the side.  10.95

Zesty Chili – Baked in a crock with cheese.  Served with shredded lettuce, salsa, black olives, jalapenos, guacamole and sour cream.  Chips & homemade corn bread on the side.  10.95

Vegetarian Chili – Our meatless chili is made with kidney beans, black beans, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes & mushrooms.  Served with brown rice, crispy tortilla chips, salad and “Nest” bread.  10.95

Quiche du Jour – Home made and served with salad and “Nest” bread.  9.95

Praeseux (Pray-Sue)

Pizza-like light, crispy tortilla crust.  Baked with the following delicious toppings:

Mexican – Spicy meat & bean sauce, baked with cheddar & Monterey Jack cheeses. Garnished with sour cream & black olives.  7.95

Greek – Seasoned & herbed spinach, tomatoes & mushrooms, baked atop a tasty combination of mozzarella, ricotta & feta.  Topped with cheddar cheese. 8.50

Vegetarian – Diced vegetables, kidney beans and black beans in a tasty sauce of tomatoes & seasonings.  Baked with cheddar & Monterey Jack cheeses.  7.95 

An 18% Gratuity Will be Added for Parties of 7 or More
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